New work opening in 'The National 2019: New Australian art' at the ArT Gallery of NSW / by Izabela Pluta

Izabela’s new work ‘Apparent Distance’, has been commissioned by the Art Gallery of New South Wales for The National 2019: new Australian art. The exhibition opens March 30, and runs until July 21 2019.


Izabela Pluta, in front of her installation 'Apparent distance', commission by the Art Gallery of NSW for 'The National 2019: New Australian Art’. Photo: Diana Panuccio, AGNSW.

A major collaborative venture, The National 2019 is the second edition of a six-year initiative presented in 2017, 2019 and 2021, exploring the latest ideas and forms in contemporary Australian art.

Pluta’s Apparent distance is an ambitious new work presented in the Art Gallery of NSW component of The National 2019 which has been curated by Isobel Parker-Philip (AGNSW Curator of Photographs).

The carefully planned and executed wall installation spans a 30-meter section inside the Ground Floor galleries. It takes on a new direction in her practice by involving pictorial wall coverings and three-dimensional forms that derive from a specific approach to photographic materials.

This subject of Pluta’s significant new work explores the archaeologically disputed underwater rock formation that lies at the intersection of the Pacific Ocean and the East China Sea, near the Western most island of Japan – a site she has been researching for some time. It depicts photographic elements of the formation – including  crevices and geomorphic holes taken by the artist while deep water diving the Yonaguni Monument. The material form of her work experiments with the nature of photographic making, pushing the point at which the image (in-situ and on the substrate) lifts, folds and falls away from the wall. The installation itself is underpinned by her feeling a sense of anticipation, exhilaration and unease through the experience of being enveloped by deep blue space.  Apparent distance pictorially and spatially explores the variables around the brightness of an object – its luminosity and shifting distance from the observer – of uncertainty and precarity.

Art Gallery of New South Wales 29 March – 21 July 2019
Carriageworks 29 March – 23 June 2019
Museum of Contemporary Art Australia 29 March – 23 June 2019 #nationalau